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"To Kiss an Outlaw: A Tale of Robin Hood"

(a novella)

Think you know the true tale of Robin Hood?


Take one sheriff’s daughter, a disgraced knight, a crusade, and ancient mine tunnels as green as an outlaw’s cap and mix, and you might just discover the truth.


This novella was written for the Tales of Timeless Romance anthology, a collection of famous historical love stories retold.

The Minstrel and Her Knight high res.jpg
The Minstrel and Her Knight
(Minstrel Knights, Book 1)

She would not trust this poseur with the beautiful hands to escort her across a cloister, let alone through half of France.

A lady disguised as a minstrel ...

Yorkshire, 1367. Lady Azalais disguises herself as a male minstrel to travel through war-torn France and ransom her father. Her brother plans to marry her to his brutish friend but Azalais, disillusioned with coarse and lustful men, hopes her father will let her become a nun instead.

An unnecessarily handsome knight-protector ...

As an impoverished knight, Sir William must fight for his living – unless he can forge a life through his love of song. When offered a mission to protect a talented musician through France, Will seizes the chance to test his dream of becoming a minstrel – a dream that will prevent him ever marrying.

Azalais distrusts William’s overt performer’s charm and her own reaction to it, yet she delights in their music-making. In turn, Will is strangely fascinated by his minstrel companion. As their shared passion for music and the dangers of the journey draw them closer together it becomes increasingly difficult for Azalais to conceal her identity.

But it is essential that Will continue to see her as a man – isn’t it?

The Rose and Her Knight high res.jpg
The Rose and Her Knight

(Minstrel Knights, Book 2)

France, 1368. Vicomte Rafèu has fallen helm-over-spurs in love at first sight, just as in his beloved minstrel songs, but lovely English widow Eglantine distrusts charismatic and attractive French noblemen. Her experience of marriage has taught her that love is an illusion. So she bars her chateau of La Roque to all suitors and seeks solace in her rose garden.


Rafèu gains entry to La Roque in the guise of a wandering minstrel to win his prickly lady’s love. Unfortunately, his plans are disrupted when a second and far less subtle suitor appears, one who lays siege not only to Eglantine’s heart but her chateau as well. Eglantine finds herself beset on all sides – by a charming French minstrel and a besieging English knight. But can either man win the lady’s battered heart?

The Assassin and Her Knight high res.jpg
The Assassin and Her Knight

(Minstrel Knights, Book 3)

Sir Garit of the Ruin, cold English knight and war leader, has fortified his heart like a fortress to cope with his experience of war. By contrast, Zhila Kurian embraces life and all its pleasures with wild abandon, for the Persian acrobat-minstrel never knows when it will be snatched from her. Now Zhila is faced with an impossible task: coax the invulnerable Sir Garit’s secrets out of him and then kill him, or her sister will suffer a fate worse than death. 

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